The Gnomes' Homes • 1000 kusová skladačka od The Magic Puzzle Company • Séria 3

Brand:Magic Puzzle Company



Táto karoséria GRANITE MEGA 4X4 je dokonalou náhradou za dodanú položku súpravy. Ideálne, ak chcete osviežiť vzhľad vášho existujúceho tela. Pevná a odolná s pútavou schémou obloženia ARRMA, táto vopred natretá karoséria s nálepkami sa dodáva upravená a pripravená na montáž priamo do vášho vozidla Vlastnosti: Vopred natretá v super cool off-road farebnej schéme ARRMA pre ohromujúci vzhľad - Vopred polepené vysokokvalitnými vinylovými nálepkami ARRMA pre pridaný detail a štýlový vzhľad - Predorezané a navŕtané tak, aby vyhovovali vášmu vozidlu pre rýchlu a jednoduchú inštaláciu bez potreby náradia Obsahuje: 1 x GRANITE 4X4 MEGA Maľované Decaled Orezané Telo (červené)

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EAN: 0850016196149

Kategórie Hračky a hry, Hádanky, Skladacie puzzle,

Absolútne ŽIADNY prach z puzzle v krabici!. Ohromujúci magický zvrat: používame nápady z vizuálnych ilúzií a mágie, aby sme z toho urobili najzaujímavejšiu hádanku, akú ste kedy vyriešili. Nádherné originálne umelecké dielo plné drobných detailov vrátane viac ako 50 veľkonočných vajíčok, ktoré môžete objaviť pri riešení hádanky. The Gnomes' Homes je úplne nová skladačka s 1 000 dielikmi, ktorá po dokončení urobí čarovný trik.
Brand Magic Puzzle Company
Country of Origin China
Customer Reviews 5.0 5.0 out of 5 stars 138 ratings 5.0 out of 5 stars
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11 x 2.5 x 11 inches
Item model number BGZ116270
Item Weight 2.59 pounds
Manufacturer AdMagic
Manufacturer Minimum Age (MONTHS) 180
Manufacturer recommended age 15 years and up
Number of Pieces 1000
Product Dimensions 11 x 2.5 x 11 inches
Release date January 30, 2023
Theme Original Artwork


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Scritto da: CBayma
My entire family (including kids ages 14 to 9) love this brand of puzzles. We recommend all of them! Great quality and very entertaining. We love the extra level of these puzzles and finding all the little details within the images.
Scritto da: Amber L Wilson
Love Magic Puzzles!
Super fun to put together. Each piece is unique and detailed. Illustration is charming and full of life. The twist at the end is a delight.
Scritto da: Daniel Housley
Fun for all ages
This is the 3rd puzzle from this company we have done and we want more! I was a little intimidated at first because of the shapes and edges, but they are so much fun and the twist at the end is mind blowing. Genius! Also, the pieces are great quality and little to no puzzle dust. Perfect for families with kids too.
Scritto da: Patty C
Family Fun
Great puzzle! Definitely a group project. Everyone in the family got drawn into working on it— even those that say they don’t like puzzles. Already purchased another puzzle in the series.
Scritto da: Amazon Customer
Love these BUT
I was gifted the Puzzled Patron puzzle from Magic Puzzle Company and fell in love. So I went ahead and bought this one and was gifted The Secret Soup additionally. I have one serious gripe with these. For a puzzle that needs to be moved around and shifted, the pieces do not lock together and it drives me absolutely bananas. It’s always a struggle, especially on a felt puzzle board. Besides that, these are so unique and fun. They take the two of us about 3 days to complete, working on it for a short time in the evenings. They’re pretty easy so they’d be great for beginner puzzlers. Highly giftable!!
Scritto da: Lauren
This is so fun!
If you enjoy puzzles, I definitely recommend. It’s so different and high quality!
Scritto da: hands-onfamily
Awesome quality and really original idea
This Magic puzzle was really sturdy and it’s a refreshing idea to make the puzzle and then open the enveloppe to see what comes next. The borders are not the typical puzzle borders. You’ll have some in the middle of the puzzle which will then be moved around for the “piece de résistance”. You slide the borders and you’ll find an open part in the middle. That’s when you continue your puzzle with the parts in the mysterious envelope. Great fun to make alone or better with family and friends.
Scritto da: Bobby Haynes
Amazing even for non-puzzlers!
I am not a puzzle person but I took this to my parents house for our visit. I thought it would take us two days or so, but we finished it in about 8 hours! The pieces are cut in such interesting ways, the tiny details make finding where things go significantly easier, two puzzle pictures means you don't fight over the box, and there is absolutely no puzzle dust! I was shocked at how much I enjoyed putting this together and how invested I got in it! It made for a great day of bonding and the surprise ending is really fun. If you don't usually like puzzles, have a mixed group of people, or really like quirky whimsical pass times, this is a must buy!
Scritto da: Rhonda B
Great puzzles
The Magic Puzzle Company does it again with their 3rd series, creating a puzzle within a puzzle featuring artwork that reveals multiple stories as the puzzle is solved. We’ve completed the first and second series and have looked forward to this one - so we enjoy the hidden Easter eggs that give a nod to the previous series’. The only problem is, once we open the box it’s hard to stop, so we go through these puzzles too quickly!
Scritto da: Amazon Customer
So much fun and challenging!
We started doing puzzles during the pandemic and wanted something different after so many the same. This puzzle is diabolical but once you figure out what's going on, it is so much fun. There are two parts, one to be done after the first is completed. Very clever!

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